E4 Health
E4 Health, based in Dallas, Texas, is a leading provider of employee assistance programs (EAP) and behavioral health risk management programs. EAPs offer assistance to help employees cope with the stresses that stem from both their personal and work lives. EAPs provide assistance to employees experiencing a broad range of concerns including: depression, stress management, conflict resolution and substance abuse issues, as well as providing them with access to elder care resources, child care openings, legal resources, and wellness coaching. E4 Health is dedicated to helping employees gain skills they need to manage their issues through counseling services, work / life services, legal and financial services and managed care services. The programs offered by E4 are designed to address behavioral issues, provide tailored service, and help employees rid themselves of counterproductive lifestyle choices that can affect an individual in both their work and personal environments. As productivity from an employee can be directly correlated to their wellbeing, E4 Health is committed to delivering confidential counseling and extensive coverage. By engaging and empowering individuals to assess and improve their behavioral health, E4 Health addresses the current business challenge of lowering healthcare costs.