SMS Marketing Services
SMS Marketing Services is a leading full service direct marketing firm, specializing in data compilation, interactive (e-mail, text, web-based), list management, list brokerage, computer services, insert media, lead generation, and marketing solutions. The SMS Insert Media division is the largest in the industry, working with nearly every major insert mailer across a range of sectors including credit cards, utilities, telecommunications, mortgages, and personal and auto loans. SMS works with many of the nation's top brands and exclusively manages more than 500 list properties and is the long-term broker for over 225 major mailers. The Company offers a full spectrum of online services such as search engine marketing, display advertising, email campaign implementation and management, DRTV and affiliate network programs. In addition, the Company owns a proprietary, industry leading database of over 240 million postal address records, over 100 million permission-based email addresses, 6 million permission-based business email addresses, 80 million cell phone numbers and 170 million landlines with thousnds of demographics and life style data associated with these records. All data is verified and cleansed through the Company's proprietary data management platform.